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Angelika Sandora

Αngelika Sandora is a Greek Actress, Playwright and Philosophy Teacher.

She studied Philosophy at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece and has a Master's in Socratic Philosophy from the University of Leeds in the UK. She studied Theatre at the Traga Drama School in Greece. 

For the past seven years Angelika has been teaching the philosophy seminars, THE POWER OF SOCRATES’ PHILOSOPHY IN PERSONAL HAPPINESS & GLOBAL LEADERSHIP, combining Philosophy and Drama, whilst playing the principal roles in ancient Greek tragedies and comedies, under the direction of the legendary Mr. Kostas Kastanas (devoted pupil and actor of Oscar-winning ancient Greek tragedian, Mrs. Katina Paxinou). Angelika has also written her own Aristophanic style play called FAUX-BIA, a modern political comedy, where she got to star as the protagonist under the direction of the prestigious Greek director and actor, Mr. Konstantinos Konstantopoulos.

In 2011, she became the Theatre Director for the UNESCO Club of Piraeus & Islands in Greece and with their endorsement performed pieces from Nikos Kazantzakis' SALVADORES DEI, as a theatrical monologue. She has been UNESCO’s hostess in many scientific and cultural events, as well as the head of the collaboration between the Greek UNESCO and UNESCO for Peace U.S.A through a high standard academic program which promotes the Greek civilization abroad in the fields of Ancient Greek Language, Philosophy and Drama the past six months, when she permanently moved to New York.

Angelika visited New York for the first time in 2013 and took part to the International Talent Competition IMTA in New York, winning four medals in the categories of Best Monologue, Cold Read, Singing and Dancing and signed a contract of representation with a talent management firm in Hollywood. One year later she was awarded the International Civilization Award of Alexander the Great for her contribution in culture. 

She started her writings as an editor in the popular magazines LIPSTICK and GLAM & STYLE, whilst two of her plays -FAUX-BIA and CHANGE HIM- have been published by one of the biggest publishing companies in Greece. She is now writing screenplays inspired by the ancient Greek history, mythology and philosophy.

Understanding the importance of the Orpheus Luxury Collection Philanthropy through Travel Initiative Program Symposiums in Support series, I am more than happy to support the extraordinary job Mrs Georgia Nomikos, President of the Orpheus Luxury Collection does for Greece as well as for the global society. According to the ancient Greek philosophers ‘’Greek is whoever has a Greek humanistic education and not just Greek origins or genes’’. Any initiative on fundraising for those in difficult positions because of economic and political instability around the world, as well as spreading the higher ideas of Greek philosophers and poets will have me on board with all my heart! It is more important than ever to educate the world’s ethos and make it a better place to live in as global citizens.